Al Jazeera English: Farewell Kabul

Human Rights Watch: Afghanistan Media Under Attack

NRC: Helping Afghan women in Faryab understand and claim their rights

UNICEF: Stopping polio in its tracks

Mirzaei Films for UNICEF


BBC - Farkhunda: The Making of a Martyr

Reporter: Zarghuna Kargar, Camera: Elissa Mirzaei, Film Editor: Gordon Watt, Executive Producer: Kavita Puri, Kabul Producer: Maryam Maseh, Producer: Sara Afshar.

Economist: Why Afghanistan's presidential deal isn't an end to the country's troubles

Economist, Elissa Bogos Mirzaei, Kabul, Afghanistan

Al Jazeera: Stranded in Kabul

As foreign troops prepare to withdraw from Afghanistan, one young Afghan secretly devises his own escape. Directed, filmed and edited for Al Jazeera by Gulistan Mirzaei and Elissa Bogos.

UNICEF: An Afghan girl and her family live on the edge of survival

ABC: 'Green-on-blue' Afghan attacker would kill again

Global Citizen: Maternal Health in Afghanistan

Save the Children- Khalida's Story

Elissa Bogos Mirzaei for Save the Children in Uruzgan, Afghanistan.

Girl's community based education in southern Afghanistan.  

ARZU: Future Valedictorians

Elissa Bogos Mirzaei for ARZU Studio Hope. Child education (preschool, kindergarten) in Bamiyan, Afghanistan. Music by Lullatone.  

Economist: Afghanistan's pivotal election: A new dawn?

Elissa Bogos Mirzaei, Economist, Kabul, Afghanistan

ARZU: Frank Gehry Gets It

Video collaboration between Patrick Creadon (Wordplay, I.O.U.S.A., If You Build It) and Elissa Bogos Mirzaei for ARZU in Bamiyan, Afghanistan.

Carpet weaving, Frank Gehry, Arzu studio hope, documentary

The Last One

Trailer for a documentary film by Gulistan Mirzaei and Elissa Bogos. Zeblon Simontov celebrates the fifth night of Hanukkah alone in his synagogue. He is the last Jew of Afghanistan.

Afghanistan's Little Copper Well

Elissa was the cinematographer on this upcoming documentary about Mes Aynak--an ancient Buddhist archaeological site in afghanistan--and archaeologists' race against time to salvage what they can.

NRK: The Good Will

NRK: The Good Will

Save the Children: Involve Children, Save Lives

Save the Children: Early Childhood Development is an Investment for Life

NRC: Female Shelter Experts Help the Most Vulnerable in Kabul